Thank you for your interest in Tangletown Bike Shop's blog — we know you are excited to tell our readers about your bicycle journey and the many wonderful events that happened during your travels.

We will review every story that gets submitted to us for publication. We will publish articles from our customers who rent or purchase bicycles from Tangletown Bike Shop. We will also publish stories from other random people that have written a great Minnesota biking story and documented it with great photos. Submissions are being considered for 2017 & 2018 currently.  At present, we're especially looking for well-photographed stories of touring or mountain biking in the Twin Cities area.

Types of Articles We Publish

Feature-length Stories

These should be about specific areas and must be accompanied by high-quality photos, both in terms of content, composition, and size. Photos should be high resolution but may not be larger than 5 mb each. Please try to send both horizontal and vertical images. (horizontal images are better for social media sharing.

First Person Tour Account (word count: 2,000 - 3,000): Share your bicycle trip with our readers. They may decide to take a similar trip or simply to experience it vicariously through your writing. All tour accounts should tell our readers what's unique about the places you traveled through. It is important to relate these unique aspects to cycling. The real substance of the article will be the specific experiences you had as a cyclist. You may want to share your thoughts on bits of information such as: time of year to go, special equipment to bring, routes, maps, guide books, accommodations, food, water, is it good for naturists, etc.

Quick journeys

These articles are less about where you were than about a singular experience while on a bicycle trip that captures the essence of bicycle travel. It may not always be inspiring or educational, some may be really funny - perhaps you had a bad accident and lived to tell the tale. Maybe you rode it naked... These must be at least 400 words and accompanied by some photos.


Photos make or break a story so the availability of great images is important when it comes to publishing an article that others will enjoy. We require at least 6 - 10 images to accompany any feature submission, no more than 30. Pick your best ones! You'll want to include a variety of photos - we may or may not use them all if you submit 30 or more. If possible, please include a description for the photo in its file name. 

There is a great resource at Adventure Cycle Magazine on "how to photograph your tour", you may want to check out.

We are mostly interested in images of people on bikes or doing thing with bikes vs. images of just someone's bike. That does't cut it. Images of architecture and landmarks unique to a place and beautiful iconic landscapes should also be included.

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