Service with a smile, that's our motto!

We know bringing your bike in for service can be daunting at times, that's why we pride ourselves on being your friendly neighborhood repair shop!  Whether it's a flat tire, a full overhaul or anything in between, we take the time to listen to your needs and formulate a course of action that works best for you!

We do our best to keep you and your bike happy!

While there are a few repairs that we need to schedule, many of our services can be completed while you wait (or at a minimum same day). This includes but is not limited to, Tube and Tire replacement, Brake and Derailleur adjustments, Wheel Truing, Accessory Installation, Etc.

  • Tube Change $10 per
  • Brake and Derailleur Adj. $12 per
  • Wheel Truing $15 - $25 per

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The Tangletown 

Our Original

• Inspect Entire Bicycle
• Tune Up Brakes & Derailleurs + Lube Bearings
• True/Straighten Wheels
• Clean and Lube


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The South Lyndale

Our Favorite

• Everything Above Plus
• Drivetrain Overhaul
• No Additional Labor For Parts Replacement
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The Grand Ave.

Complete Overhaul

Everything our Comprehensive Tune-Up includes plus: 
• Total Bearing Overhaul
• No Additional Labor For Parts Replacement
• Recommended Every 3000 Miles

  • There is no additional labor charge for replacement of chain, cassette/freewheel, derailleurs, chain rings, crank and tires/tubes on the "Comprehensive" and "Overhaul" packages. 
  • All prices are labor only. Parts are additional. 

We love special projects!

Hand Built Wheels and Frame Up Builds are some of our favorite projects to work on! We love to help you make your bike a one-of-a-kind!