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Love biking in Minnesota? Document your ride - take photos on your ride and tell us all about your journey in story format. We'll publish it for you to share with friends and family. We can even share your social media account and tag you in our article post to help your grow your biking networks. Everyone has a unique story about how the sport of bicycling speaks to them, their experience on the trails, and connection with biking as a sport and passion. So share it!

Types of submissions we'll publish

We know you are excited to tell our readers about your bicycle journey and the many eventful turns that happened during your travels. Here are the types of content we'll share with our network. 

  • Tangletown Bike Shop rental journeys.
  • Tangletown Bike Shop customer journeys.
  • Minneapolis, St. Paul, or greater Minnesota resident journeys. 
  • Visitors to our great state of Minnesota that biked here and want to share.

Submission Form

Most fields are required - social media fields are not. When submitting your ride to be published on our blog, please write at least 400 words of content, preferably 600 - 3,000. Describe your journey from start to finish, who was with you, how nature and beauty was involved in your day and submit at least 6-10 images. There is no limit on the number of images you submit, however we will not publish more than 30 on any individual article. 

Videos. You may submit a video (Go Pro, iPhone, first or 3rd person) in the link provided on the form. Video must be published to a Youtube or Vimeo platform in order for us to embed it. If you'd rather supply the video to us to upload to our own platform, then just let us know in the notes in the form in the section "details about your ride". 

** Click HERE to read our photo/submission guidelines.

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We'll publish your story, so tell us a nice long, warming story about your day, your prep, your ride, your wipeouts, your view, etc. Include all the details you want.
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What kind of bike are you riding? Give us dirty details... brands, modifications, purpose, recent upgrades, etc. Anything you want us to know, please list it here.

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