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About Tangletown

 About Us 

We are located in the Tangletown neighborhood of South Minneapolis, nestled between Lake Harriet, 35W and the Minnehaha Creek. At Tangletown Bike Shop we offer new, used, and rental bikes.  We also have accessories and a full service department to keep you rolling.

 Meet The Owner

Bikes have always been a part of my life and I have my Dad to thank for that, he was an avid cyclist before I was even a thought. He has always encouraged me to learn; I have many memories of fixing bikes in the back yard instead of taking them to a shop.  He is the reason I got my first job in the bike industry. There was an ad in the local newspaper for an opening at Valley Bike and Ski which he pointed out to me. I applied, got the job and worked there until I graduated high school.

After graduating and quickly deciding college wasn’t for me, I started working for a company which manufactured and distributed Hydraulic Valves and components.  I spent 7 years working my way into Corporate Purchasing, then I realized how unhappy I was.  I was never meant to sit behind a desk for 40 hours a week.  So I quit, literally just like that!  After I quit, once again I attempted to go to college and again I quickly decided it wasn’t for me.

“I knew I loved bikes and everything that goes along with them.”

That’s when I decided to do something that I loved.  I knew I loved bikes and everything that goes along with them.  Many years later and here I am, still loving what I do!  It’s the freedom, smiles, smells and most of all you, the customers that make me love this so much. The one thing I’ve found working here is that you are more than customers.  You are friends and I love helping you, answering your questions, and sharing our stories.

When I’m not at work you can find me camping, home brewing or on my pedals enjoying this beautiful city we call home.  Whether it’s a quick trip to Minnehaha Falls, meeting friends at a local watering hole, commuting to work, or an all day adventure, I ride every day.

 Mike O'Leary

Owner, Tangletown Bike Shop