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Service with a smile, that's our motto!

We know bringing your bike in for service can be daunting at times, that's why we pride ourselves on being your friendly neighborhood repair shop!  Whether it's a flat tire, a full overhaul or anything in between, we take the time to listen to your needs and formulate a course of action that works best for you!

We do our best to keep you and your bike happy!

While there are a few repairs that we need to schedule, many of our services can be completed while you wait (or at a minimum same day). This includes but is not limited to, Tube and Tire replacement, Brake and Derailleur adjustments, Wheel Truing, Accessory Installation, Etc.

  • Tube Change $10 per
  • Brake and Derailleur Adj. $12 per
  • Wheel Truing $15 - $25 per
 The Tangletown 


  • Our Original

  • • Inspect Entire Bicycle
    • Tune Up Brakes & Derailleurs + Lube Bearings
    • True/Straighten Wheel
    • Clean and Lube

The South Lyndale


  • Our Favorite
  • Everything In Our Original Plus:

    • Drivetrain Overhaul
    • No Additional Labor For Replacement Of Chain, Gears, Derailleurs, & Tires

The Grand Ave 


  • Complete Overhaul
  • Everything our Comprehensive Tune-Up Includes Plus:

  • • Total Bearing Overhaul
    • No Additional Labor For Parts Replacement
    • Recommended Every 3000 Miles
There is no additional labor charge for replacement of chain, cassette/freewheel, derailleurs, chain rings, crank and tires/tubes on the "Comprehensive" and "Overhaul" packages. All prices are labor only. Parts are additional.

Contact us to schedule your bike service today!